swami OZEN rajneesh – timeline

1961               swami rajneesh was born as rajnish agarwal 20 january in calcutta

1967 – 1976   studied in st pauls school darjeeling

1981               became a sannyasin of bhagwan shee rajneesh

1982 – 1985   travelled and worked

1985 – 1986   went into deeper sannyas and experienced samadhi

1986 – 1990   deeper movement into sannyas and moved to poona ashram

1991 – 1993   manali himalayas into silent retreat

1993 – 1995   world travel for work

1996 – 1999   manali himalayas into silent retreat

2000 – 2003   world travel for work

2003 – 2006   manali himalayas into silent retreat

2006 – 2007   poona ashram

2007               started spiritual world tour meditation camps and speaking in russia

2008               released his book tears of the mystic rose in 13 languages worldwide

2007 – 2010   travelled 82 cities worldwide teaching and offering meditation camps

2010 – 2011   purchased goa ashram property and started project development

2011 – 2112   moved to mexico and started new ashram project in mexico

2012 – 2015  OZEN ashram gets federal approvals and construction started

2015 – 2018  swami rajneesh ashram opens in mexico


was born rajnish agarwal to shri shivraj agarwal and smt vimlesh wadhawan

father late shiv raj agarwal is from the industrial steel family group GDPA 
of govardhandas pyarelal, shri yash raj agarwal, shri joginder raj agarwal 
and padam raj agarwal

swami rajneesh mother late smt vimlesh agarwal is also known by her film name of vimmi of the famous br chopra hamraaz vimmi with sunil dutt raj kumar and mumtaaz and also for films such as abroo, vachan, patanga, nanak nam jahaz hai

due to his famous industrial family and filmstar mother he has been closely associated with most of india industrial families and political leaders and also the bombay film industry

1993 – 1995 and 2000 – 2003 during his extensive travels worldwide to over 90 cities for the jhunjhnuwalla group of companies swami rajneesh with earning upto 300,000 US dollars yearly became a recognized international designer with established design patents and received design and innovation awards and media news in hongkong and switzerland being awarded the hongkong trade development HKTDC design award 2000 and hongkong federation of industries design award 2001

due to his total dedication to the spiritual search he sacrificed the material world and swami rajneesh choose to retire fully to devote his life to his inner journey

during swami rajneesh early days in poona ashram when bhagwan shree rajneesh was alive he became known by over 200,000 sannyasins worldwide

heritage yoga – ancient ayurveda – vipassana retreat

as his name was also changed from rajnish to swami rajneesh by osho himself and was well known for his way of living in silence and walking slowly in the state of vipassana for over 28 years

having spent 28 years in sannyas and almost 9 years devoted to silence in the himalayas and due to insistence of close sannyasins swami rajneesh began travelling and speaking to worldwide audiences in 2007 with his world tours of 82 cities leading meditation camps and offering sannyas initiating to over 1000 people and personally meeting over 25000 people on these meditation tours

swami rajneesh is now becoming known worldwide for his open hearted innocent talks fearless honest and yet dynamic fiery profile

having travelled 82 cities with invitations from more than 40 new cities still waiting to meet him and is receiving thousands of letters of request to travel and offer his meditation camps 
his offer to make all meditation teachings and meditation camps free and without charge is creating a huge wave of support for him from seekers worldwide who are growing against spiritual teachers making business out of religions and selling truth to the masses

swami rajneesh fearlessly speaks against his own master osho 99 rolls royces and his unaccountable wealth with no transparency or accountability in the public domain and against the management of his poona ashram which is exploiting seekers charging lakhs of rupees for each meditation course

swami rajneesh released his first book in 2008 which has become famous in the spiritual world “tears of the mystic rose” and available in 16 languages

english hindi italian portuguese german korean spanish french nepalese dutch russian persian turkish latvian chinese and hardcover printed in english hindi spanish nepalese russian

this book is being read in 180 countries and 1 over million copies have been downloaded from his website

swami rajneesh currently has over 12 books launched on his official website and also available on amazon books

his website launched in 2008 has received over 10 million hits from 180 countries another 2 more websites are active with over 40 affiliated websites today &

since 2009 he has over 350 videos on public youtube with total 1,850,000 views

during his travels he has opened 23 meditation centers affiliated with his work in moscow, ekaterinburg, novosibirsk, irkutz, saratov, krasnoyarsk, rostov, samara, latvia, kiev, lisbon, porto, amsterdam, zutphen, vienna, barcelona, san sebastian, antwerp, mexico city, tulum, ancona, grosetto, milan

having been received with much love and following worldwide swami rajneesh was being requested to open an ashram with his teachings in one place so that seekers can come and all can gather together and move into deep meditation with him. because swami rajneesh offers his teachings without charging any money for spiritual work many disciples have started gathering funds to offer swami rajneesh to make an ashram in goa

in october 2010 swami rajneesh came back to india and stop his world meditation tours and has purchased 50 acres of land in goa quepem for the new ashram to be designed as an eco village to be known as the mystic rose vision. 
due to huge government delays in announcing 2021 regional development plans swami rajneesh moved out of india to mexico

2011 due to continuous delays in goa regional development plans 2021 and corruption of indian government officials swami rajneesh left india for mexico

2012 – 2013 after getting federal permissions and construction approvals from mexico government swami rajneesh started development of OZEN rajneesh ashram in playa del carmen quintanaa roo mexico

2013 – 2015 mexico ashram construction and development was completed

2015 – 2108 OZEN rajneesh 50 acres – 70 rooms ashram is fully functioning in mexico as a non profit organization and community offering free activit
ies such as meditation yoga dance art ayurveda vipassana zazen and music festivals

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