OZEN rajneesh resort MEXICO VISION

our eco village project is on a 19 hectares forest land with a cenote as the heart centre surrounded by beautiful tropical gardens for zazen sitting and walking pathways

this unique village is conceived in a mystical mayan circle as an oasis for creative arts crafts music and dance, mayan wisdom, eastern ayurveda, yoga, vipassana, meditation and silent retreat for the science of inner transformation

this eco development will offer residents and visitors the experience of nature, silence, tranquility, meditativeness and a compassionate space for growth and flowering of human consciousness

project development

we have many volunteers from mexico, india, america, spain, portugal, italy, england, germany, holland, austria, russia, ukraine, latvia, japan, korea sharing their ideas and offering their participation out of their love

this is an organic grassroot movement which is the beauty of an eco village creation process and we invite people to add their creative ideas to our team gathering in playa del carmen and welcome their participation in the process of its development

our vision

inner science mystery school & training courses

we are creating an inner science mystery school where we will offer ancient mayan traditions, buddhist vipassana, tibetan teachings, indian ayurveda, yoga, patanjali yoga, pranayama, healing panchkarma

we will also offer meditations and therapies like mystic rose, born again, no mind, painting group, breath, prana healing, primal, work as meditation

all therapies and meditations will be offered for free

we accept donations out of gratitude


various core methods of meditations like vipassana, zazen, kundalini, nadabrahma, dynamic, gourishankar, devavani, natraj, devavani, mandala, whirling, gibberish and transformative meditation techniques for free

understanding meditativeness in the world and work as meditation in day to day life

discourses & teachings

enlightened wisdom through daily audio and video discourses

on teachers and masters like osho, buddha, mahavira, jesus, krishna, shiva, upanishads, the geeta, patanjali, zarathustra, nanak, kabir, meera, farid, gorakh, nagarjuna, sufis, bauls, hassids, lao tzu, chuangtzu, zen masters, j.krishnamurti, ramana maharishi, ramakrishna, sai baba, meherbaba, gurdjieff

festivals, carnivals, meditation events and expressions of the heart with kirtan celebrations and evening gatherings with live discourses and dance

we celebrate sannyas initiation & mala, understanding sannyas as a way of living in the world with meditative awareness

maya mística

a centre for revival of the ancient traditions like sacred fire dance, trance dance, huehuetl drum rhythm, herbal wholeness, purifying soul rituals, mayan healing circle, the wisdom of the medicine man, quetzalcóatl kundalini, wise men tatas, toltec therapeutic healing, tlatoani divine voice meditation, shamanic ceremonies

wholeness spa & bodywork / yoga

a wholeness spa with a temazcal, sauna and steam surrounding a meandering pool blending local palapa style roofs blending with contemporary architectural design the village will have a massage and bodywork training center, deep tissue massage, rebalancing, japanese shiatsu, acupuncture, reflexology, reiki, aromatherapy, craniosacral trainings and sessions, a kerala ayurvedic centre with ayurvedic, thai, balinese and swedish massage, a yoga centre with patanjali yoga and pranayama classes and mayan bodywork and other healing therapies

arts village

the arts village will be in palapas and open light canopies blending with the natural environment using eco friendly materials

offering a variety of creative arts in an interactivity space into one melting pot

arts & handicrafts

a creative arts center experimenting with different arts and crafts like painting, sculpture, drawing, calligraphy and various crafts are offered and taught as ceramic pottery, wood carving, bamboo work, weaving, glass blowing

we will invite local artisans to train and teach their arts and crafts

offer employment and encourage training in our handicrafts projects to the local villagers specially women to develop handicraft and earn through it

dance & music / recording studio

dance forms from different cultures and performances

learning a variety of musical instruments

inviting new age musicians from around the world to create live fusion music, concerts and events

recording facilities to create music for meditation and offering marketing support

martial arts school

various body awareness techniques taichi, kungfu, judo, aikido, jujitsu, archery

are available for learning and training


our library will offer books, videos, audio discourses and meditation music free

organic agro health food

to formulate, grow and to distribute health foods

to understand food diet and health

natural oils extraction to produce medicinal oils and oils for aroma therapy

eco concept designs & environment

research design for eco housing and sustainable solutions for eco friendly projects

eco project

solar energy panels and alternative energy sources

rainwater harvesting ponds and sprinkler systems

recycling of organic waste for fertilizers

organic compost manure units

use of environmental friendly materials

detox zone

as our village offers ayurveda health yoga fitness and detoxification courses

we do not allow smoking drinking alcohol or any form of drugs or intoxification

we are a health conscious vegetarian community

transparency & accountability

the eco village will earn through selling creative art and handicrafts from the arts village, the music lab and health food division

loving donations for spreading this vision will be welcomed and used wisely for the growth of seekers and for spreading our vision to the world

our values

entry to ozen cocom village will be free for all with love and openness

the ozen cocom is a free space for all seekers offering freedom of expression and exploration of human values for inner growth

we accept all spiritual beings and masters of different paths and offer a loving human space for expression of their being and their realization

we will create the silent circle of friends where compassion and wisdom of silent and sincere sannyasins will act as gentle guides

ozen cocom residence ownership

you can become a permanent resident and own your studio or cottage

we are offering 100 houses at cost price of structure

for those willing to live and participate to help manage the community

( already 82 residences have been filled )

for more information please contact us